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      "Then policeman's bin t?ald about it?" came faintly from Robert."Well," he said slowly, "wellMacKinnon's hound!"

      "This is the handwriting of a retainer called Oakley."

      This appeal was more successful. Something in the simple dignity of Keelings reply had silenced her, and she was led away like a wicked little elephant between her daughter and Alice. Not one word did Keeling say till they had left the room, and then, though his usual allowance of port on Sunday was one glass after lunch and two after{29} dinner, he helped himself again and pushed the bottle towards Hugh.

      "I tell you Master Calverley, it is revenge," said Black Jack, stopping short, as they were crossing the court-yard, "It is revenge! When I joined the commons I swore I would not betray them, and I would notbetray them for gold did you say?listenI had goldaye gold enough, to have kept me an honest man all the days of my life, after this rising, and thatthat blacksmith, who killed the baron's retainer"

      He then wandered about with a look of still deeper despondence, till the trampling of the returning horses sent a transient tinge across his cheek. He followed Roland's attendants, and again entered the court-yard. By some chance, as the young rider was alighting, his eye fell on the dejected stranger, who was standing at a little distance fixing an anxious gaze upon the heir.

      "And don't you care about the farm?"


      Reuben walked up to him, took him by the shoulders, and shook him as a dog might shake a rabbit."I do not understand your one thing or your other thing;" answered Turner"but I know this, that we have paid the tax, and that we will pay it no morebut as for touching what belongs to the London folksI'll tell you what, if we do set fire to London, by St. Nicholas! if I see my own son Tom taking a penny's worth, I will fling him into the flames!"


      Boarzell was almost unrecognisable now. When one climbed the Forstal Hill behind Peasmarsh and looked southward, one no longer saw a great roughness of Moor couching like something wild and untrapped in the midst of the tame fields and domestic cottages. The fields had licked up its sides till all they had left was the brown and golden crest with its central clump of firs. Behind this to the north was the Grandturzel inclosure, but Reuben's land was nibbling round the edge of it, and everyone knew that Grandturzel would not be able to hold out much longer.


      At the Front to drive away the foe.""The rebels are betrayed, and you are condemned; but, if you will hearken to my request, this hour shall free you from prison:Will you, will you tell me of my lost child?"